Nescafe Latte Instant Coffee Sachet Pack
Nescafe Latte Instant Coffee Sachet Pack


Nescafe Latte Instant Coffee Sachet Pack

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Enjoy the taste of this classic coffee whenever you crave it. Each Nescafé Gold Latte sachet is convenient and easy to prepare. Our recipe is produced with carefully selected, then roasted coffee beans and fresh milk sourced from British dairy farmers. The result is a delightful coffee shop-style drink that can be prepared and enjoyed in moments, whether you're at home or at work.

Make your coffee break special with a beautifully crafted, easy-to-prepare Nescafé Gold Latte. The expertise that goes into each latte sachet means that there is always a delicious froth and milky taste in your mug. Nescafé Gold have created this Latte using a combination of high quality ingredients. All you have to do is add hot water, stir, and enjoy the taste and aroma of this classic coffee shop favourite.