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About Taylors of Harrogate

To give our story the treatment it truly deserves, we’d need a couple of props: a large family photograph album and a world atlas. The album would have pictures dating from the present day all the way back to our founder Charles Taylor over 130 years ago. And the atlas would have many dog-eared pages, including those featuring Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Java and Rwanda. Because our tale is both a local and a global one. Though still a Yorkshire family business, that family’s now an extended one, and includes honorary members – farmers and their relatives – whose welfare and livelihood matter dearly to us.

Taylors Values

These are inspirational principles, written on Post-it notes and stuck on our laptops. Together they make a mini manifesto (a minifesto?) about our obligations to our customers, our suppliers and the environment. For reasons that will become obvious in the following sentence, we call them the Six Ps. They are: passion, people, planet, process, product and prosperity.

Meeting Distance Colleagues

We think it’s important to build the strongest and most enduring relationships with our suppliers that we can. That means meeting face to face (offsetting the carbon as we go). It’s not that we’re opposed to 21st century technology – on the contrary – but there’s a lot that won’t come across in a Zoom meeting. What are our coffee growers’ daily lives like? What challenges do they face? How do their communities function? It’s true what they say about travel: it broadens the mind. And deepens our understanding.