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Great coffee at the push of a button

Senseo® serves a multi sensorial experience through expertly selected and crafted blends and intelligently designed appliances.

Enjoy a sensorial moment whenever the mood strikes

With the senseo® coffee pod machines and coffee blends,
The opportunity to indulge in a great tasting and freshly
Brewed cup is always yours to partake in.

Coffee tastes better with company. Our fast-brewing appliances bring
quality in every cup, so a pleasurable coffee experience can be shared
at any time, and the exquisite tastes and aroma of a faraway café can be
found right in the comfort of your home.

Coffee growth & harvest

Our aromatic coffee is made from only the highest quality arabica and robusta coffee beans, which are picked caringly from coffee plants grown in either the richest terrains or throughout the lushest mountains.

Processing & transport

Coffee absorbs moisture and odour, so it is of upmost importance that our coffee is never exposed to humidity or imposing smells. When our treasured beans are transported from our warehouses, it is done so in sealed bags that preserve freshness.

Roasting & grinding

The longer the roasting process, the darker and richer the taste. To ensure and protect the range of tastes and aromas of our coveted coffee blends, even after grinding in preparation for the SENSEO® coffee pods, our coffee is packed in a bag within a protective atmosphere.